Diagnostic Audit

Diagnostic Audit
When a company is just beginning to implement a quality standard, after passing a diagnostic audit, you will receive a real situation in the enterprise and a clear plan where to go.

Diagnostic audit

The audit is aimed at determining the possibilities and level of complexity of implementing a management system in an enterprise. According to the results of the audit, the company receives a report with a list of necessary work for the successful implementation and further operation of the management system at the enterprise, which includes: analysis of the infrastructure and working environment, personnel qualifications and documentation necessary according to the requirements of the standard being implemented.

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Diagnostic audit – analysis of the possibility to improve your enterprise

  • Verification of the management system existing at the enterprise;
  • Infrastructure analysis and recommendations for its improvement;
  • Analysis of the movement of flows (raw materials, personnel, finished products);
  • Staff qualification analysis;
  • Providing recommendations for the development of missing documents;
  • Advices for the optimization and the improvement of business processes.
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Thanks to the Diagnostic Audit, dozens of companies have received

üAnalysis of the working environment and recommendations for improvement

üRecommendations for professional development

üWays to solve business process optimization

üInternal Documentation Analisis

üPractical solutions for building a management system

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Training on the course “IFS Food v.6.1 Course for Internal Auditors” took place on November 8-9, 2028 in Lviv. Given the limited offering for training courses in this direction in Ukraine, it was very useful and informative to get information on the features of the construction of the IFS Food v.6.1 system and standard conceptual…


During the pre-certification audit conducted by TBG GmbH, our company employees fully understood the requirements of the GMP + B3 standard and refined their feed safety management system to the standard requirements. That really helped us get certified in the company GIC (Germany) and audit by GMP + !!!

Vilius Tamošauskas Company CEO

We are grateful to TBG specialists for the accessibility and understandability of the training conducted for our employees. Now we understand our areas for improvement and can prepare for enterprise certification!

Mironenko Alex Founder
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