GMP + V.1.7.2018. Feed Safety Scheme

GMP + V.1.7.2018.  Feed Safety Scheme
It is necessary for the feed industry enterprises which are engaged in: production, transportation, warehousing, feed and feed materials.

GMP + V.1.7.2018 Feed Safety Scheme. New requirements for feed production

The training is aimed at obtaining knowledge and advanced training of managers and specialists of feed industry enterprises, trade and transport organizations specializing in operations with grain, feed, feed materials and additives, specialists of consulting companies, educational institutions, etc. In an accessible form, we will show with practical examples how the feed safety system should work according to GMP + requirements and give information on how to improve the feed safety system.

Training description


For our students, we provide practical ways to improve their food safety systems.

  • 16 – hours of intensive communication with leading experts with extensive experience in the development and implementation of GMP + systems in feed industry enterprises
  • Practical knowledge of what methods, procedures and documents should be in the enterprise
  • Description of the key problems of the enterprise and their solutions
  • Consultation with leading experts from various enterprises
  • Examination work
  • Obtaining certificates of internal auditor

  • Implementation at GMP + International
  • Review portal GMPPLUS.ORG. Description of the main pages and documents.
  • Review of GMPPLUS.ORG changes. Нow it affects the system.
  • EU legal requirements aimed at managing the production, trading and transportation of feed, feed materials and additives.
  • Feed safety system in the enterprise – basic techniques, procedures and documents.
  • HACCP Plan, Critical Control Points.
  • Programs – prerequisites for the release of safe feed products.
  • Early Warning System (EWS system).
  • Procurement requirements.
  • Requirements for staff.
  • Practical examples of the implementation of the requirements of the standard.
  • Common mistakes of introducing standard requirements.
  • Practical tasks: developing a HACCP plan, prerequisite programs, testing the EWS system, purchasing raw materials, filling in an audit questionnaire, evaluating non-compliances.
  • Internal audit.
  • Final testing.

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The best teachers with practical experience

Convenient training venue

Availability of information

Electronic version of training materials

Answers to your questions during and after the training



Thanks to the training of GMP+ tens of companies:

üGet practical knowledge and independently developed systems.

üWe were able to prepare for the certification audit.

üPrepared for the audit by GMP+ International.

üImproved production infrastructure and upgraded.

üIncreased staff qualifications.

üReduced production costs

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