TBG’s Nuremberg Training Center is represented in more than 47 cities around the world. This allows us to provide more favorable conditions for our customers.                                                                         

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International Poultry Farmers Forum

For 20 years, united the poultry farmers of the CIS, entered the International Poultry Farmers Council and the Eurasian Poultry Farmers Association.

AHK German Chamber of Commerce and Industry

German chambers of industry and commerce are present in 90 countries of the world, and have more than 130 offices.

Ukrainian Association of Poultry and Feed Producers

The Ukrainian Association of Poultry Farmers unites all large enterprises of the poultry industry of Ukraine. Main goal: assistance in the export of poultry products, and the development of new technologies in the poultry industry


For 20 years of work we have become 2nd recruitment company in Russia. He specializes in the search for middle and top managers, as well as narrow specialists.

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