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Compliance audit and individual corporate training course for our client "Mega…

In October 2018, the company’s specialists completed a project with our customer, a leading manufacturer of premixes in Russia, LLC «MEGA MIX». Two types of work were performed:

Training of personnel of two manufacturing enterprises in accordance with the requirements of GMP B1 standard.

Diagnostic audit of enterprises for conformity with GMP+ B1 standard.

The main objectives of the project:

  • Assess the current state of the management system, formulate recommendations for improving the system to the requirements of the GMP + B1 standard.
  • Train the HACCP team and the internal audit team according to GMP + B1 standard.
  • An audit of the work of two production sites: the city of Volgograd and town Terbuny Lipetsk region.
  • Analyzed processes: management, purchase of raw materials, production, sales, logistics. And also made an audit of workflow and infrastructure status. Then were given recommendations on how to improve them.
  • Was formed a report, on its basis, the management of the enterprise planned further actions for the development of a feed safety management system.
  • Trained staff of enterprises included in the HACCP group and the Internal Audit group, which independently develops the management system.
«MEGA MIX» enterprises group is the leading  Russian producer of premixes.
  • Represented by two production complexes with a total power of 180,000 tons of premixes per year.
  • Own modern testing laboratory;
  • Two separate, completely independent lines, one of which is intended for the production of premixes with medicine;
  • A one-time download of up to 96 components;
  • The unique automated packaging line Behn & Bates (Germany), consisting of 2 independent lines, each of which is designed for 450 bags per hour;
  • The total area of «A» class storage is 13,000 square meters;
It was a difficult and interesting project! Two production sites, a cohesive and interesting team, great management involved and interested in building a system!
Andrii Huzhva
Management Systems Tutor